UK Commons official: Report of 300,000+ porn accesses from Parliament isn't "accurate"

As the UK government continues to roll out the Great Firewall of Cameron (by which ISPs are required to opt their customers into an "adult content filter" that is meant to block sites related to porn, gambling, "esoterica," "forums" and more), an official report reveals that the Houses of Parliament network logged 300,000+ attempts to access online porn last year. However, a Commons spokeswoman says the figure isn't "accurate."

A Commons spokeswoman said: "We do not consider the data to provide an accurate representation of the number of purposeful requests made by network users."

This was because there was a "variety of ways in which websites can be designed to act, react and interact and due to the potential operation of third party software," she said.

Some of the hits may have been registered by websites that generate a number of views during a single visit, or those that automatically link to other sites via pop-ups, she explained.

Parliamentary porn consumption laid bare in official figures

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  1. "Really! It's only maybe a half of that!"

    I'm almost impressed. That's still an excellent people-to-porn ratio.

  2. Between porn at Parliament and digital gambling on the floor of the US Congress ... I might just want to be a politician.

  3. Yeah, my wife didn't fall for that one either.

  4. I would imagine that viewing porn while at work in most jobs would be a disciplinary matter... though, as this is the UK parliament, with a high level of public school boys, discipline probably featured quite highly on their hits.

  5. I worked at a Fortune 50 company with the following policy: "No non-company related pornography."

    No, I never found out what company related pornography was.

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