This Day in Blogging History: Mutant excavator mated to a 59 El Camino; Firing flaming arrows at gas towers; Gangsta/Pirate translations

One year ago today
Maria Del Camino, a mutant excavator mated to a 59 El Camino, with the face of Maria from Metropolis: It started out life as the body of a '59 El Camino, and was then riddled with thousands of hand-drilled holes, turning it into a meshwork. On the hood, the holes form a pointillist portrait of Maria from Fritz Lang's Metropolis. The whole thing was then mounted on an armature supported by a hydraulic tracked excavator, giving it the ability to rumble along at an angle, or poised many feet above the tank-treads, or vertically.

Five years ago today
Flaming arrows integral to oil pumping: 1960: Amateur flaming-arrow archers (not a phrase that inspires confidence!) kept the fires burning in Alberta's gas towers in 1960.

Ten years ago today
Translate gangsta to pirate: fo'ties: bottles o' rum