NY Daily News cover on US government shutdown is the front page art to beat

The New York Daily News. [slow clap]

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  1. skaag says:

    This photo very accurately represents my feelings towards the GOP right now.

  2. Leave the government shut down.

    You really think that's going to hurt anyone but the poor and (shrinking) middle class? The corporatists will figure out slimy ways to profit-take on this situation while everyone else suffers.

  3. Already tried, didn't work, takes about 2 seconds of following that thought exercise through to see why a Federal government is definitely neccessary ->



  4. Ah, but some states have "houses of dingleberries" (Kansas, for one) that are just as bad as the "house of turds". There's no working through that mess without a severe drain snaking.

  5. One of many problems with that is that they kept all the shitty parts. The DEA and NSA are still at work, as are all the people who just passed this legislation.

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