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  1. This one got me thinking about influences... Crumb was a big influence on my dad, a pretty-good hobbyist cartoonist, who was in turn a big influence on my own more-dedicated-but-still-not-prime-time hobbyist cartooning.

    Like Piskor, an initial draw was partly the sexual imagery/shock value, followed by a growing amazement at the incredible grasp/expression of form. Yes, teapots, but the little run-down urban landscapes (That gas station! Those power lines!!!) were what really did it for me.

    As I got older, I found his work to be increasingly... errr... problematic, but Crumb remains my #1 All-Time stylistic influence when I pick up a pen. Great strip, here.

  2. I love the way Piskor manages to portray his dad affectionately, while also making him a jerk.

  3. My Dad stole an Eerie comic of mine once; found it in his porn stash.

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