Eben Moglen on Snowden and the Future

James sez, "This is video of the first in a series of four talks Eben Moglen is doing on 'Snowden and the Future'. He traces an arc through history, from the ancients to the present mess. I don't know where his remarks are headed, but I am excited to see him provide context and detailed analysis that will help us understand the current state of spying and privacy intrusion. The second talk is today!"

Moglen's Innovation Under Austerity was the best talk I heard last year. I can't wait to listen to this.

Prof. Eben Moglen on Snowden & NSA spying (Thanks, James!)

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  1. Wow. Just finished listening to the whole thing. Fifty five minutes, without notes, fully composed, erudite, moving. I cannot wait for the files for today's talk to show up at Moglen's Snowden and the Future site.

  2. First half was great, skipped the second half as I was getting sea-sick from him bobbing back and forth! Egads man...
    Anybody know if there will be a transcripts?

  3. I had seen this before, but thanks for reminding me to rewatch it. I also posted this on my g+:

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