This Day in Blogging History: Canadian Tory blunders of 2012; RIAA to stop suing, start censoring; Your computer will be a phone

One year ago today
Best-of Canadian Conservative government blunders for 2012: Such as "A Conservative Minister who attempted to destroy Internet privacy but threw a hissy fit when the details of his divorce were made public (spoiler: he may-or-may-not have slept with the babysitter!)"

Five years ago today
RIAA ditches MediaSentry, will now stop suing dead people and children in favor of asking ISPs to censor Internet and spy on the public: Rather than suing fans, the record industry will confront the 21st century by asking ISPs to voluntarily spy on their customers, throttle their Internet connections, and disconnect people from the Internet on the basis of unproven allegations of infringement.

Ten years ago today
Wired: Why Your Next Phone Call May Be Online: A brief "how this stuff works" piece on VoIP Xeni wrote for Wired.