My top two gadgets from Wired's top ten gadgets of CES

Notwithstanding the good reasons to be forgiving of CES, I still find it difficult to work up enormous enthusiasm for most gadgets, representing, as they so often do, small incremental improvements over existing technology. However, Wired's top ten CES gadgets report has two items that caught my eye and my interest:

The first is Sony's Short Throw Projector, which does some clever optical tricks in order to allow you to paint high-resolution projections on surfaces from a baseboard-mounted projector, at enormous sizes -- 147 inches! Being able to turn walls into video screens without ceiling-mounted devices could seriously change the way we think about rooms.

The other is Christine, a concept PC from Razer that allows you to stack up computer components as simple, interlocking bricks that snap into place. So when you want a new video-card, you just undock the video-card's lozenge and slot another one in. It's an interesting answer to the problem keeping desktop PCs relevant and up to date in a world of ever-faster-expanding capabilities.

We Pick the 10 Best Gadgets at CES [Wired]

Notable Replies

  1. My only concern with Razer's project is the likelihood of proprietary components... however easy to assemble and upgrade PCs would be great!

    Does anyone know if they are going to use open standards or allow third parties to make components?

  2. But PCs are... already modular, no? If anything, Razer's design seems less flexible.

  3. PCs are already modular. Making everything have the same type of plug is unnecessary and I am going to assume also adds complexity.

    Is pci-e really going to outlast the technology leaps in the coming year or two... or four? This has the same problems all existing PCs have today. Kind of feel like this is smoke and mirrors in a shiny box.

  4. Agreed. Not ground breaking in any way, it is just a gimmicky case. Pc parts ARE modular.

    That short throw projector though... oh my.

  5. IMB says:

    The projector looked interesting, but I didn't really want to go through the dog and pony show on Sony's site. How much is it?

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