Bani Garu: Sketchbook

Bani Garu is Lea Hernandez's story of becoming the U.S. merchandising vice-president of notorious Japanese animation studio Gainax, "a year-long trip down a rabbit hole of reality." Start with page 1.

By Lea Hernandez

Edited by David Seidman

Okada was not so optimistic Nadia would be a hit--Gainax was already in the red on Nadia and chafing under the direction of NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) and Toho (a film company), with whom they'd signed a typically Gainax-bad deal to make Nadia. 

I think it's amusing to note Ani DiFranco's "The Million You Never Made" was playing as I wrapping this page.

Published 6:30 am Fri, Mar 14, 2014

About the Author

Lea is a webcomics pioneer and one of the first American cartoonists to merge manga and American comics aesthetics. She draws Teen Titans Go! for DC Comics, and has also drawn for Marvel, Image, IDW, and Boom! Studios. Lea is currently working on her fifth graphic novel, THE GARLICKS for Action Lab Entertainment.