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Bani Garu is Lea Hernandez's story of becoming the U.S. merchandising vice-president of notorious Japanese animation studio Gainax, "a year-long trip down a rabbit hole of reality." Start with page 1.

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  1. Both, plus meet the update deadline.

    In Bani Garu, or in other comics?

    I've been pitching Bani Garu to publishers for 6 or so years. At San Diego Cmic-Con last summer, I told Rob Beschizza stories about old skool fandom and being online promoting comics in 1995. He suggested an article, I suggested a comic. Boom, Bani Garu on BoingBoing.
    (Which is so great and such an honor because BB is terrific and smart and I've been a BoingBoing fan since the zine.)

  2. Happy to be of service.

  3. Thanks for the great comments this week!

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