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Bani Garu is Lea Hernandez's story of becoming the U.S. merchandising vice-president of notorious Japanese animation studio Gainax, "a year-long trip down a rabbit hole of reality." Start with page 1.

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  1. How unexpected.

    Please don't go. I want to see how this turns out.

  2. "Funny like a trainload of clowns dying wreck punctuated by the sound of hundred of red noses and big shoes all squeaking at unison"

    That sounds pretty funny to me! smiley

  3. Your mom

    My mom was killed when a bunch of drunken clowns in full costume and makeup pushed a truckload of avocados on top of her and then gleefully honked their noses in chorus, you insensitive clod.

  4. Both, plus meet the update deadline.

    In Bani Garu, or in other comics?

    I've been pitching Bani Garu to publishers for 6 or so years. At San Diego Cmic-Con last summer, I told Rob Beschizza stories about old skool fandom and being online promoting comics in 1995. He suggested an article, I suggested a comic. Boom, Bani Garu on BoingBoing.
    (Which is so great and such an honor because BB is terrific and smart and I've been a BoingBoing fan since the zine.)

  5. You were so achingly close to having a point, then you called me "highly unbalance[d]."

    I'm declaring this a corollary to Godwin's Law, and I'm calling it "Lea's Law:" if you can't talk to a woman or girl about being sexually harassed without suggesting (or outright saying) they're mentally ill or lying, you lose any and all credibility and footing in the discussion. (Assuming you had any to begin with.)

    ETA: also known as "gaslighting." Forgot that.

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