Best collapsible umbrella: Totes Compact

When I got back from a trip to Europe, the one thing I felt I needed more than anything, was a good sturdy umbrella. After much research I found this small Totes umbrella. In my past experience, most small collapsible umbrellas were utter garbage. This is simply not the case here. I have had this thing for about 2 years now. I bring it with me any time there is rain in the forecast.

It’s slightly larger than most collapsible umbrellas (about 14 inches long when collapsed). The handle feels strong and sturdy in hand. It’s comfortable to hold for long periods of time. The auto open and close button works brilliantly and opens with strong force. When open, it is a full “golf size” umbrella, able to easily fit two people underneath. In the wind, there is a magical springiness to it that keeps it from being unwieldy. I’ve had absolutely no issues in heavy wind. -- Sam Rosenblum

Totes Golf-Size Auto Open Auto Close Compact Umbrella $27

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  1. Best Umbrella Ever.

    That parrot head could fuck someone up if wielded as a weapon.

    (We actually gave a couple of those gifts in the 90's when it was their first run on the Disney store).

  2. It seems like Totes umbrellas are the only ones for sale in most places in the US, despite being fantastically awful. Single-use umbrellas that snap like twigs the moment the wind picks up. The $5 umbrellas you can buy from any Japanese convenience store are more robust, last longer and at a fraction the cost. I guess the advantage of these compact umbrellas is that at least they take up less space in the trash when you throw them away after getting home soaked to the skin.

    Perhaps this model is more sturdy than their other products.

  3. Fulton. Tried and true. Haven't used a different brolly in 20 years.

    I only ever buy them here, New Oxford St in London:

    I hate getting wet, and I love the shop. Sticks, umbrellas, whatever vertical thing you want.

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