No climate change, please. We're Fox & Friends

In totally unsurprising news, Scientific American editor Michael Moyer was told he couldn't talk about climate change in a recent appearance on Fox News' morning show.

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  1. Personally, as a fellow journalist, I think he did the right thing. He was able to be a voice for real science in a place that doesn't get enough of it AND he was able to publicly point how how that place filters what news its viewers see.

  2. By now, this type of ludicrous behavior at Fox should simply be expected. The on-camera nincompoops are only marching to the orders of Roger Ailses, There is little to no real reporting on actual events unless they fit the neocon-tea party narrative. Everything else gets sneers, inane banter aimed at your crazy bigoted old uncle and hysterical, paranoid aunt...or good old fashioned lies and misdirection. The audience knows what its getting and they are fine with it. They buy into it because they want to buy into it. Factual discussions about climate would induce severe cognitive dissonance that would ruin everyone's day. Such stuff does not get programmed.

    The challenge for any good scientific communicator is how to slip some things past the director and leave the couch bozos fumbling for words...or at a complete loss. Such commentary is a much needed art form these days.

  3. I'm surprised they let him talk about science at all, instead of having him give an opinion on Benghazi.

  4. Ratel says:

    He's paying the price now:
    Scientific American Editor Flooded With Hate Tweets After Fox News Targets Him

    Only because it happened a day ago
    Fox News Ditches Obama Presser Because Reporters Not Asking About Benghazi

    This is good news, of course. It means that Obama has won completely on Obamacare. It's basically a white flag and prostrate begging.

  5. This article is nothing but a smear campaign!
    I am shocked that the denizens of Boing Boing would impugn the integrity of Fox and Friends -- their commitment to telling the truth and nothing but the truth is beyond reproach.... Just look at how they have provided their viewers factual data about the ACA:

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