This Day in Blogging History: Patent lawyers hate makers; Modern fossils; Mark in Japan

One year ago today
Patent lawyers: Help! The evil Makers won't let us apply for bullshit 3D printing patents!: These patent lawyers are upset because the evil Makers (capital-M and all!) are working with the Electronic Frontier Foundation to examine bad 3D printing patents submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Five years ago today
More fossilized modern objects -- Boing Boing Gadgets: The latest installment in Christopher Locke's Modern Fossil series: iconic modern devices recast as ancient fossils.

Ten years ago today
Mark's Japan Journal: The smoking car was pretty rowdy, and smoke was hanging thick in the air. A middle-aged salaryman, drunk, was standing in the aisle, laughing with a seated friend. His eyeglasses were enormous, and his comb-over was a work of art.