End of Radio Shack


Radio Shack is on its deathbed: $62 million in cash left which apparently isn't even enough to close the 1,100 stores it needs to shut down to stay on life support.

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  1. Thank goodness we now have the internet to fall back on. It's going to suck to pay shipping on a single capacitor or something, but you can't keep a specialty store around if they don't even know what they want to sell or who to cater to.

  2. Radio Shack could have been the company supplying the burgeoning DIY market, as it once was long ago. Instead it's curious decades-long focus on RC toys and cell phones while shrinking parts offerings drove away the DIY crowd. Musta been thirty years ago since I went to Radio shack for a crucial part.

  3. In their defense, they HAVE been selling Arduino stuff for at least two years or so, including shields and "get started" kits. They also have free brochures in the store on how to build stuff. They have tried to capture some DIY money.

    I, for one, will miss them. I remember going over their catalogs back in the 80's and drooling over some of their kits and computers.

    For a SERIOUS nostalgia trip, try this page:


  4. atl says:

    I think the last time I went into a Radio Shack was 20 years ago, when my folks asked me to run and grab them a headphone splitter so they could listen to their portable CD player on the plane. A $4.99 part, perhaps, but the guy wouldn't sell me the thing until I gave him a bunch of information. It was an insane hassle.

  5. So you're saying resistance is futile?

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