Julie Klausner, How Was Your Week?

In the latest episode of the RiYL podcast, Brian Heater interviews Julie Klausner, the New York City-based author, podcaster, and comedy writer-performer.

By Brian Heater

How Was Your Week? podcast host Julie Klausner recently taped a TV pilot with Billy Eichner -- an Amy Poehler-produced show called Difficult People. It's about two struggling New York comedians.

Other topics we discuss: David Rakoff, my unexpected turn as a Mike Love apologist, the downside of baring your soul, and whether or not Ben Folds is this generation’s Billy Joel.

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Published 4:00 am Tue, Aug 12, 2014

About the Author

Brian Heater (@bheater ) is a senior editor at Engadget and the founder of indie comics site, The Daily Cross Hatch. His writing has appeared in Spin, The Onion, Entertainment Weekly and The New York Press. He hosts several podcasts and shares an apartment in Queens with a rabbit named Sylvia.