Hollow book-safes with matching whisky flasks

The Hollow Book Company makes modified books with hidden compartments in them, complemented by matching whisky flasks, which can be custom-laser-etched or skinned with full-color vinyl adhesive.

Alas, we've already missed out on the Gray's Anatomy flask/book, but there's still The Art of War, a leather-bound edition of Poe's Tales of Mystery and Imagination, Dracula, Shulz and Peanuts, Who-ology with Tardis flask, and many more!

Art of War

Tales of Mystery and Imagination


Shulz and Peanuts

Who-ology with Tardis flask

Flask Books

(via Geekymerch)

Notable Replies

  1. I want the opposite of this: a book hidden inside a fake whiskey flask.

  2. Cunk says:

    Very nice but I couldn't help thinking that the people who need to camouflage their booze like this most likely have a problem.

  3. I want one, but I wouldn't hide it, a lot of them are lovely and fun. It's really more about the novelty. If you're that bad, you probably already have ways of hiding it.

  4. Ya, if you forget which book has the booze...

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