Snappy response to sexist harrasser

Frank Wu writes, "Brianna Wu is a game developer and a frequent writer about gender issues in tech. As such, she frequently receives harassing, unpleasant emails. She got pissed off and wrote an awesome response to one here."

I got a harassing email today, and decided to respond with this letter. (Thanks, Frank!)

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  1. thekaz says:

    Correct grammar and punctuation is only one of 4 criteria this response should be judged on...

  2. Do you mean this?

    Someone posted it above. I can't see any similarity, in fact I think Tina Fey's response here is pretty weak.

  3. Hey guys. This is Brianna Wu.

    I would like to share something with you. When you are a woman in the games industry, you are hit over the head CONSTANTLY with people (almost always men) instructing you what you can say, when you can say it, the tone you can use and other kinds of nitpicking.

    That is to say, I think the very petty criticism you're displaying here is unconsciously part of the patriarchy. As Leigh Alexander so brilliantly wrote, "One component of sexism is that men tend to inherently expect that what they say is valuable, and that a statement from a woman cannot possibly stand alone without their contributions."

    To be more direct, it's extremely unlikely that any of you receive the amount of threats, harassment or general amount of obloquy I do. I do not need or want your advice on how to deal with this.

    As far as the grammar, I banged this email out in about 3 minutes while on vacation on a whim. Yeah - I made two typos. If your primary reaction to the RIDICULOUS amount of harassment women in the games industry get is pointing out typos? Well, I can't help you.


    PS - If you're interested, here is an article I wrote outlining the amount of harassment I and other women in the industry get.

  4. I'm sure I can't be alone in lamenting that we hadn't had the benefit of your valuable insights prior to 11:50am today. I'm sure you're quite busy, what with so many people on the internet Doing It Wrong, and I'm happy you finally found the time to share your thoughts here. I for one look forward to your future contributions to the conversations here, and in particular more of your trenchant thoughts about sexism and trollery. I'm thinking the latter is something you have quite a bit to say about.

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