Watch the northern lights captured in real time in 4K

Ronn Murray braved knee-deep snow and bitter Alaska cold to capture this pulsating green-hued aurora in 4K definition. Crank the resolution way up to 4K and enjoy a beautiful wintry nighttime hike with Ronn, Marketa, their dog Angus, and the universe unfolding above, then check out his highlight reel below.

The Sony a7S body Ronn uses for this clip is well known for great low light captures, though I had never seen one used in such low temperatures before. Even with a good gimbal, the snow and terrain made it a tough shoot to stabilize while moving.


Murray offers Northern Lights Photography Workshop Tours for those wanting to learn the craft. Below is a wonderful highlight reel of timelapse work they shot under more controlled conditions last year.

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  1. Fully expecting overwrought music accompanying the video, I hesitated to click the link.
    "The World's Very First REAL-TIME Northern Lights Captured in 4K"? Really? Is that provable or necessary click-bait?

    I suppose adding the "not-time-lapse" qualifier (or many other qualifiers) can make it true, eh?

    /maybe I just feel particularly curmudgeonly today...

  2. The real time aspect is important to me. Having never seen them, I really have no concept of how quickly they change. As far as I can tell, pretty much everyone shoots them in time-lapse mode, although many posted videos are silent on this aspect. What drove me nuts about this particular video was how the camera kept being carried around. Why?

    I'm also driven nuts by TV coverage of fireworks where they keep fading between cameras and angles.........or do they? Fireworks fade of their own accord, so it can be really hard to to tell.

    Set up in the best vantage point you can and just leave it. Grab a beer or something but stop trying to sex-up these things with "cinematography".

  3. jerwin says:

    I wish I could find the Japanese video of a Pentax camera being used in a freezer. Before the test commenced, the tech put in a special industrial SD Card. Here, a external HDMI recorder was used--perhaps one kept in a insulated container. Assuming that an SDCard is even capable of recording 4K video. would it succumb to the cold?


    found it

  4. Not a focus issue, but if the power zoom motor breaks on one of Sony's NEX camera's power-zoom lenses (the new tiny ones), even if the manual zoom is still working (or hell, even if neither are working, but the focus motor still works at the currrent fixed zoom level), they become completely unusable. I know this from sad experience when I dropped my 5T on vacation last year.

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