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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH, in the latest episode of "Law and Order: Trump Unit," the squad nabs a sexual assault perp!

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Notable Replies

  1. Enkita says:

    I don't see the problem. Given the likely number of attorneys in a given locker room, I'm sure it comes under attorney-client privilege. Especially when it's the attorneys boasting about their activities.

  2. If they really wanted to lock up the perp they could just appoint a special prosecutor.

  3. There are probably some quiet negotiations for protection against retaliation and possibly, in the extreme cases, the Witness Relocation Program going on, given Der Trumper's proven history of going after people that he doesn't like or views as having betrayed him.

  4. Shuck says:

    There are - mostly they've been quieted by settlements, the rest, I'm sure, by the fact that tRump is a famously litigious, deep-pocketed man who makes it a point to destroy anyone who even mildly irks him. Now he's got millions of rabid fans who harass anyone who even talks about him and who knows what they'd do to anyone who offered more serious challenge. With regard to the pageants, there are stories of unwanted kissing, groping, positioning himself to walk in on the contestants naked, and attempted (actual) assault - mostly by third party observers, but a few by the former contestants. Mostly the contestants who were seen to be victims are keeping quiet - they can see how he's gone after Machado.

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