Taco Bell now has a wedding chapel in Las Vegas

Taco Bell will soon offer fully-catered weddings at its Las Vegas flagship restaurant. Key selling points of this elegant offering are that this Taco Bell Cantina location has a DJ booth, pours booze, and has big digital displays. The $600 wedding package includes:

• A ceremony in the chapel inside the restaurant with an ordained officiant within as little as four hours

• Private area for a reception inside the restaurant with up to 15 of your closest family and friends

• Custom merchandise, including a sauce packet garter and bow tie, “Just Married” t-shirts for the bride and groom, Taco Bell branded champagne flutes and, of course, a Taco 12 Pack filled with tacos and a Cinnabon Delights cake for dessert

• A Sauce Packet bouquet is also available for the bride to use during the ceremony

Notable Replies

  1. TobinL says:

    And heinous farts for the wedding night! Win Win Win!

  2. Imma gonna bring down the levity a tad, cause after all these years all I can do is chuckle about this tale.

    My parents got divorced. In Reno, at Circus Circus, on a family vacation.

    On my birthday.

    (They are much happier now and still friends 🤠)

  3. I'm a traditionalist- if I get hitched in Vegas - an Elvi must be involved.

  4. Do you mean an Elvis or multiple Elvii?

  5. My wife and I did actually get married at the Graceland Chapel by a guy in an Elvis jumpsuit. He sang "Viva Las Vegas" and the whole deal cost us $350. So, suck it, Taco Bell!

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