Explaining physics with wonderful, 1930s-style animation

Hugh writes, "These amazing animated shorts on physics feature an adorable, 1930's style version of Maxwell's Demon. There are 3 so far -- can't wait to see more!"

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  1. Wonderful animations!

    Discovered this fun "ABCs of particle physics" yesterday on Symmetry magazine. It's published by the DOE. I'm guessing such educational materials will not be up much longer so take a look before it disappears.

  2. I knew a guy who was working on rides in the late 70s that had enclosed seats and movie screens and he said what he did to make people think the movie was describing their motion was to match accelerations with gravity. So if he wanted you to feel you were in a plane taking off and the acceleration was pushing you back into your seat, he would just slowly tip you and the screen (and the whole pod) onto your back and let gravity provide the extended feeling of acceleration while the movie showed a forward cockpit view.

    Nowadays they shake the scene and shake you but I never see this "match accelerations" approach. I guess it's too expensive to give everyone private ride pods, or something.

  3. hecep says:

    Man! I feel better now. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine CHOOSING to watch anything resembling a 1930s-style animation (almost always creeps me out), in this case to drive out the disturbing weirdness of the Cyriak video in one of the other posts.

  4. Very creative! Isn't it awesome that now we have 'common' people doing things that used to require agents, financing, and favours?

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