Watch: Going Fishing, a thumping good claymation short

Guldies (previously) posted this weirdly satisfing stop-motion animation of life in the woods. The visuals are amazing -- 2500 still pictures taken with a Canon DSLR and sequenced at 18 frames per second in Dragonframe -- but it's the way it works with sound that I really felt. Read the rest

Terry Gilliam reveals how he created his Monty Python animations

I am a great admirer of Terry Gilliam's cut-out animations in Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Read the rest

Animation summarizes all of 'Breaking Bad' in one minute

For the 10th anniversary of Breaking Bad (no, that's not a typo), Peruvian YouTuber Esther Bellido created this Super Mario-like animation that encapsulates the entire series in just one minute.

(Likecool) Read the rest

Trippy geometric animation for intense, layered electronic music

Thunder Tillman is a Swedish musician whose work lends itself to trippy animation, like this piece for Alignments by Mario Hugo and Johnny Lee. Read the rest

How animators create realism by exaggerating movement

The Royal Ocean Film Society looks at the work of pioneering animator Richard Williams, whose work on Pink Panther and Roger Rabbit bucked animation trends and pushed for a more exaggerated style of movement. Read the rest

Cool collaborative student animation of Sagan's "The Pale Blue Dot" speech

The Pale Blue Dot was made as a tribute to Carl Sagan "as the final project for the Animation 01 course at Ringling College of Art and Design." Read the rest

Hulu is rebooting Animaniacs!

The rumors were true: Hulu has just ordered two seasons of new Animaniacs cartoons (previously), reviving one of the greatest animated series of all time. Read the rest

Funky laid-back animation for a deep song of friendship

Ma Ydoum Hal may sound relaxed, but the lyrics about a friend in crisis get real deep real fast. Created by TREE9 (a way), it has a strong philosophical message about the impermanence of our lives. Read the rest

A dad looks at a year's worth of voice-searches by his five-year-old

Filmmaker Brett Gaylor (previously) realized that Google had saved all the voice-searches his five-year-old had done since he discovered the feature a year ago; in a charming little animated documentary, Brett muses on the ambivalent miracle of a child being able to do research on anything or anything (but while storing all their intellectual history with a giant, creepy multinational company). Read the rest

Watch this student animator's quirky film about insomnia

Animation student Islena Neira had just five days to prepare a two-minute piece for coursework at Ecole des Métiers du Cinéma d'Animation in France. The result is Insomnia. Read the rest

#Elsagate: a subreddit that's sleuthing out the weird videos of Youtube Kids

Last month, James "New Aesthetic" Bridle published an influential essay exploring the prolific and disturbing video-spam that had come to dominate Youtube Kids, in which seemingly algorithmically generated videos endlessly recombined a handful of Disney characters and assorted others engaged in violent, abusive and even psychosexual conduct, over a soundtrack of a few repeated public-domain kids' songs, with all sorts of trickery designed to uprank them in Youtube's play-next, recommendation and search results -- keyword stuffing, duration-stretching and more. Read the rest

Drumming in sync to Boomhauer

David Dockery perfoms drums in perfect synchrony to the mutterings of Jeff Boomhauer from King of the Hill. Over the course of 66 seconds I went from almost closing the tab to startled fascination to profound revelation at Dockery's unimaginable talent. Read the rest

Disturbing animation of rubbery, squidgy SCI heads

"Parasitic endeavours" is a short NSFW animation by Simon Christoph Krenn, with sound design by Matthias Urban, an entry in the emergent genre of ultra-realistic CGI human bodies behaving like unusual materials. [via Sploid] Read the rest

Working anthropomorphic doorknobs in the style of Disney's psychedelic Alice in Wonderland

John H, a prop sculptor, sells handmade, $83 Alice in Wonderland doorknobs, which can either replace your existing knobs or fit around them. Available with painted details or brass finish. (via Geeks Are Sexy) Read the rest

Moodles: trippy CGI shows moods as noodles

Ari Weinkle created this cool animation he calls Moodles, where human forms made of noodles reconfiguring as they come in contact with a solid plane. Read the rest

The Animation Dome

My inventor friend Les Cookson, just reached out and shared his new project with me: The Animation Dome. As usual, Les has created something that we’ll want to play with—and as with all his projects, it's inspired by a technology designed over 150 years ago: the Zoetrope. His tool takes the traditional 2D animation illusion into the third dimension.  

The dome is a great art creation tool and is obviously the logical gateway to creating warm-hearted Burning Man favorites such as Peter Hudson’s Charon.

And his art imitates life classic, Tantalus.

If you like the Animation Dome, check out Les’s other creative products at Ancient Magic Art Tools.

He is the man with the animation plan!

The Animation Dome [Kickstarter] Read the rest

Watch this incredible stop-motion animated with carved pumpkins

Sean Ohlenkamp and Rob Popkin spent years creating this remarkable stop-motion animation made of carved pumpkins. Even the soundtrack is made of pumpkins. Read the rest

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