Interactive map of educational attainment in America

This nifty interactive map shows education levels of everyone over 25, with red representing less than high school continuing up the spectrum to blue meaning graduate degree.

Creator Kyle Walker of TCU Center for Urban Studies writes:

The map is a dasymetric dot-density map, which means that the dots are placed in relationship to ancillary geographic information that in this case describes the underlying population surface. Educational attainment data are aggregated at the Census tract level, and dots are placed randomly within Census tracts. Prior to the dot placement, however, Census blocks with no population in 2010 were erased from the Census tract geographies, meaning that dots are constrained to areas within tracts that had a measured population in 2010. Given the temporal difference between the block data and tract data, some areas that went from 0 population to populated between 2010 and 2015 may be excluded.

Scroll around the country to see some interesting patterns.

Educational Attainment in America (GitHub / WalkerKE)

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  1. NB You're not limited to the cities listed, you can drag and zoom to look at other areas.

  2. CLamb says:

    I see about 300 people with graduate degrees living in a county park nearby me.

  3. Another interesting comparison is looking at the county by county maps of Bachelors degrees and red/blue voting. Very strong correlation, except for band across the deep south that another BBS member pointed out was the line of the most fertile plantation land.

  4. "Where does this graph account for all the people who attended the School of Hard Knocks?"

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