People on the news who are totally not stoned

Enjoy this video of people who are high on life.

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  1. I'm higher than a Georgia pine-tree right now.

  2. He's so high you can't get over Him.
    He's so low you can't get under Him.
    He's so wide you can't get around Him.

    Woo! Help me somebody.

  3. Brian Eno/David Byrne - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (listen to the whole album, fantastic)

  4. They forgot a few. Like this one:

  5. m_a_t says:

    Yeah, not sure if seeing Tommy Chong high can be considered a blooper.

    BTW: I can totally relate to the "we ate hash brownies and I think we're dead" distress call. Folks: if you ever make hash brownies, be sure it's not the only treat available when you eat them or you're in for the munchie spiral of doom.

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