Man is so happy about his burrito that he dances on restaurant counter

Where is this place? I want to go there.

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  1. I can see on the menu by the workers something that says Canal Street Confidential. A quick Google search only pulls up some hip hop album... though by the menu i can also make out their social media info but it's too hard to read because the camera moves too much and the video quality is a bit blurry. The closest i get to making something out is the Instagram one... says xxxxxFOODTRUCK (and i think there's an underscore after)

    EDIT: Figured it out. @WEDATFOODTRUCK_ and they are located in the great city of Naw'lins. Mystery solved @frauenfelder

  2. Thanks for spreading the bacteria and fecal matter all over the surface food routinely is in close proximity too. But hey, glad you got your burrito.

  3. But but, the food you order is placed directly on that counter! It's not like they put it in containers or a bag or anything.


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