Testing winged eyeliner hack products

As makeup wearers know, achieving a perfect (and even) winged eyeliner is a monumental feat. So beauty guru and YouTuber Safiya Nygaard tests out three products that claim to make the winged eye-liner application process easier: The Vamp Stamp, The Liner Designer, and Eye Candy Stencils.

Notable Replies

  1. Cat's eye can be tricky at first, but you don't need to buy anything special. Any straight edge lined up with the corner of your eye at the lashline will work. Scotch tape is a favorite because you can position on both eyes and check for symmetry before drawing your lines.

  2. "Allowing you to drain his blood so that you may use it to summon the goddess Athena"

    Might as well link to the whole routine.

  3. Nah, the cat's eye is a make-up staple. Virtually every decade has it's own iteration. But I do think that make-up has undergone some notable developments and certainly increased visibility in the last few years.

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