Watch cute babies try winter Olympic sports

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Black Panther director Ryan Coogler pens a touching thank you to fans

Following the unprecedented success of his film Black Panther, director Ryan Coogler shared this sweet thank-you letter via the Marvel Studios Twitter account:

The letter reads:

I am struggling to find the words to express my gratitude at this moment, but I will try. Filmmaking is a team sport. And our team was made up [of] amazing people from all over the world who believed in this story. Deep down we all hoped that people would come to see a film about a fictional country on the continent of Africa, made up of a cast of people of African descent.

Never in a million years did we imagine that you all would come out this strong. It still humbles me to think that people care enough to spend their money and time watching our film. But to see people of all backgrounds wearing clothing that celebrates their heritage, taking pictures next to our posters with their friends and family, and sometimes dancing in the lobbies of theaters often moved me and my wife to tears.

For the people who bought out theaters, who posted on social about how lit the film would be, bragged about our awesome cast, picked out outfits to wear, and who stood in line in theaters all over the world, all before even seeing the film…

To the press who wrote about the film for folks who hadn’t yet seen it, and encouraged audiences to come out…

And to the young ones, who came out with their parents, with their mentors, and with their friends…

Thank you for giving our team of filmmakers the greatest gift: The opportunity to share this film, that we poured our hearts and souls into, with you.

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The existential horror of Logan Paul

Rightfully disdained for his callous behavior but still adored by millions of fans, YouTuber Logan Paul clearly inspires some very intense emotions in those who watch his channel. In this thoughtful 19-minute video, video essayist Big Joel takes an objective look at why that is by examining Paul’s evolving YouTube persona and the troubling, damaging path it’s taken.

For another smart critical take on Logan Paul, check out this video by Nathan Zed:

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10 things winter Olympians are tired of hearing

If you ever meet a winter Olympian, be sure not to open with one of these lines. But do check out how winter athletes train for the Olympics:

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A simple Sunday routine for a more productive life

Although the YouTube channel The Financial Diet usually offers financial advice, in this video host Chelsea Fagan talks through the Sunday routine that’s helped her become more productive despite her naturally lazy, type-B personality. Read the rest

This European city center has no street names

As part of his Amazing Places series, YouTuber Tom Scott explores how the Quadratestadt of Mannheim, Germany confounds modern computer mapping systems because it doesn’t name its streets.

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'Justice League Honest Trailer' doesn’t pull punches

DC’s Justice League movie was a bit of a mess, so Screen Junkies has plenty to make fun of in this new Honest Trailer—especially Henry Cavill’s weird CGI lip (thanks for that Paramount).

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Lovely, simple pet portraits

Using pencil drawings, watercolor, and ink, Serbian artist Endre Penovác creates gorgeous artwork, including an ongoing series featuring household pets. You can find Penovác’s work on his Instagram, his Facebook, and his website. His work is also for sale via Saatchi Art. Here are some of my favorite pet portraits:

Eye contact #ink #painting by #endrepenovac #cat #blackcat #catsofinstagram #saatchi #art #gallery #contemporaryart #animal #pets #ペインティング #ネコ #インク @instagramjapan #instaart

A post shared by Endre Penovac (@endre_penovac) on Feb 10, 2017 at 1:23am PST

#endrepenovac #drawing #graphite #dachshund #dog #animal #animals #pet #home #saatchi #art #gallery #endre #penovac #artoftheday #instagram #пеновац @artsy @ratedmodernart

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Ink, 38x56 cm #painting #dogs #dogsofinstagram #endrepenovac #saatchi #art #gallery #penovac #endre #angry #watercolor #aquarelle #тушь #арт #пеновац #pintura #墨水 #繪畫 #ペインティング #インク #instaart #artforsale

A post shared by Endre Penovac (@endre_penovac) on Aug 21, 2017 at 9:59am PDT

Ink & watercolor (28x38 cm) #painting #endrepenovac #ink #watercolor #aquarelle #saatchi #art #gallery #artforsale #animals #guineapig #pets #arts_help #endre #penovac #акварель #арт #пеновац #墨水 #绘画 #artoftheday #instagram @artsy

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My dog / Hungarian Puli #endrepenovac #pencil #drawing #dog #animals #pets #home #art #арт #художник #скетч #пеновац #saatchi #art #gallery #artist #artwork #arts_help #nature

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Meek 38x28 cm #ink #painting #indianink #blackandwhite #artwork #endrepenovac #saatchi #art #gallery #endre #penovac #artforsale #contemporaryart #watercolor #тушь #арт #пеновац #whitecat #catsofinstagram #instaart #hongkong #taiwan #ペインティング #绘画 #pintura @colossal

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Stretching 38x28 cm #ink #painting #cat #cats #blackcat #artforsale #endrepenovac #animals #pets #petsofinstagram #saatchi #art #gallery #contemporaryart #тушь #акварель #арт #aquarelle #水彩 #繪畫 #貓 #ネコ #ペインティング #instaart

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Happy Easter!

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Crash Course is launching a series all about media literacy

One of my favorite things on the internet is Crash Course, a free, high-quality educational YouTube channel that offers “crash courses” on science, math, history, literature, philosophy, and so much more. The channel’s latest project is a 12-week miniseries all about media literacy. Hosted by Jay Smooth, the series aims to give viewers “the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, create, and act using all forms of communication.” It’s hard to think of a more relevant tool to have in our current political and cultural climate. The series officially launches next, but here’s a preview video of everything it’s going to cover:

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Inside the makeshift headquarters of the Parkland teens working to stop mass shootings

In this powerful new article, BuzzFeed News’ Remy Smidt reports from inside the grassroots activist group that’s been formed by teens who survived the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which left 17 dead and 14 wounded. The students have emerged as vocal activists on both social media and traditional media platforms (a CNN excerpt of senior Emma González’s impassioned speech has been shared thousands of times on Twitter). And they’ve inspired a wave of other young activists too; high school students in Maine recently staged a gun control protest in place of a routine lock-down drill.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas students have done an incredible amount of organizing over the past week, including planning the nationwide March for Our Lives demonstration on March 24. And Smidt reports on what it’s like to watch the young activists at work:

In just days, the group of teenage survivors have made themselves impossible to ignore, headlining rallies, penning op-eds, and blanketing cable news coverage over the Presidents Day weekend with their calls for action.

But behind the scenes, they’re also just kids—sitting in a circle on the floor in the home of one of their parents, eating a batch of baked pasta, tweeting at each other, and comparing which celebrity just shared their post. There’s laughter and tears, and “Mr. Brightside” by the Killers plays briefly, but it’s also remarkably businesslike. There’s work to do and a seemingly endless number of phone calls to answer.

“We slept enough to keep us going, but we’ve been nonstop all day, all night,” said Sofie Whitney, 18, a senior who estimated that she has spent 70% of the past 48 hours speaking with reporters.

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The Legends Of Tomorrow filmed a disco music video in their spare time

One benefit of starring in a show about time travel is that you get to try out looks from a whole bunch of different eras. And while decked out in their 1970s best for the recent third season episode “Here I Go Again,” Legends Of Tomorrow stars Caity Lotz, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Brandon Routh, and Nick Zano decided to put their outfits to good use in a disco-inspired music video set to the Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive.” Lotz uploaded the hilarious and perfectly choreographed disco tribute on her Instagram:

When your feeling the disco vibes and decide to shoot a music video on set #Legendsoftomorrow

A post shared by CAITY LOTZ (@caitylotz) on Feb 14, 2018 at 7:48am PST

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Watch Bill Gates play “How much does the world suck?”

YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen sat down with Bill Gates to play “How much does the world suck?” and discuss some surprisingly optimistic facts about humanity. The video is a tie-in with Bill and Melinda Gates’ recently released 10th Annual Letter, which this year centers on optimism. You can read the full letter on Gates’ website, but here’s an excerpt of its opening paragraphs:

We are outspoken about our optimism. These days, though, optimism seems to be in short supply.

The headlines are filled with awful news. Every day brings a different story of political division, violence, or natural disaster.

Despite the headlines, we see a world that’s getting better.

Compare today to the way things were a decade or a century ago. The world is healthier and safer than ever. The number of children who die every year has been cut in half since 1990 and keeps going down. The number of mothers who die has also dropped dramatically. So has extreme poverty—declining by nearly half in just 20 years. More children are attending school. The list goes on and on.

But being an optimist isn’t about knowing that life used to be worse. It’s about knowing how life can get better. And that’s what really fuels our optimism. Although we see a lot of disease and poverty in our work—and many other big problems that need to be solved—we also see the best of humanity. We spend our time learning from scientists who are inventing cutting-edge tools to cure disease.

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Jessica Jones season two gets a kickass trailer

After a stellar first season (and an appearance in the so-so Defenders crossover series), Marvel’s Netflix series Jessica Jones is set to return for a second season on March 8th. The show’s brand new trailer digs into Jessica’s traumatic past while offering a glimpse into her anger-fueled future. Read the rest

Here are the impressive results of doing 100 squats every day for 30 days

Without changing anything else in their daily routines, three people set out to discover how much they could strengthen their bodies just by doing 100 squats every day for 30 days. For those inspired to start their own 30-day challenge after watching this video, here’s the proper way to do a squat:

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5 tips for saving money at Target

Kathryn of What’s Up Moms offers five tips to help you save some money on your next Target run. Read the rest

Star Wars: Rey is the new Anakin (but better)

In this new article for SyFy Fangrrls, writer Clare McBride makes a compelling argument that Daisy Ridley’s Rey isn’t a parallel for Luke in the original Star Wars trilogy, she’s a parallel for Anakin in the prequels.

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These found-object charts are both quirky and insightful

Visual artist Michelle Rial has spent the past seven years making chart-based art and her latest project incorporates found objects into the mix. Rial began using everyday objects—which includes everything from food to office supplies to wine stains to floss—after a neck injury forced her to step away from her computer and away from the types of illustrations she had been doing previously. Using found objects cut down on some of the physical pain of illustrating for Rial and has resulted in some really cool, unique pieces of art with a great sense of humor. Here are some of my favorites:

Fall timeline 🍂 #100uselesscharts

A post shared by Michelle Rial (@realifecharts) on Oct 28, 2017 at 2:48pm PDT

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