How much toilet paper is enough?

Cottonelle Kids toilet paper is designed to assist kids in using the "right amount" of toilet paper each time. According to the directions, the
"paw prints show kids how much toilet paper to use. Kids follow the prints to the puppy and tear off the right amount." At Parent Hacks, Asha Dornfest points out that the "right amount," according to Cottonelle, seems to be about five squares, and that simply may not be enough:

Everyone's got their own method — some fold, some wrap, some crumple, and all these configurations require different amounts of toilet paper. How can such a personal ritual be standardized? Indeed, should it be?

If you must know more (including the answer to "When I tear the toilet paper, the perforations on the two plies don't line up. How do I fix this?") be sure to read the Cottonelle Kids FAQ. Or, perhaps you'd like to print out some super-fun Cottonelle Kids puzzles and games.

Link to Parent Hacks, Link to Cottonelle Kids site