Beatles mashups — by the Beatles!

George Martin, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have produced an album of Beatles mashups. Yes, really. It's called Love, and if the sample remix of Strawberry Fields Forever is any indicator, it's amazing (even if the disc only mashes up one Beatles song with several others — which makes it not as interesting as Revolved, The Beastles, or The Beachles — most of which EMI has censored with legal threats).

George Martin, along with Paul and Ringo, produced this reinvention of the Beatles' music by going back to the original session tapes and creating new, and in many cases brilliant, versions of the already familiar catalog. It's NOT a rehash of what you've already got in your collection. In a lot of cases, it's like hearing this music for the first time all over again. 26 tracks, almost 80 minutes of music, reinvented and reimagined.

Link, Link to Love CD, Link to Strawberry Fields Forever mashup

(via Making Light)

Adam from EMI sez, "You can preview the album, listen to interviews and download podcasts, etc at the Beatles LOVE site."

Update 2:
Ben sez, "The Beatles Love
album is not just a remix album. It's the soundtrack created for the
Beatles Cirque du Soleil show at the Mirage. And if you haven't been to the show, you haven't heard it at all! The
theater has thousands of speakers and sounds amazing."