Playing for Keeps: Mur Lafferty's science fiction superhero podcast

Cmdln sez, "Podcaster and author Mur Lafferty launches her first full length novel today. 'It tells the story of Keepsie Branson, a bar owner in the shining metropolis of Seventh City: birthplace of super powers. Keepsie and her friends live among egotistical heroes and manipulative villains, and manage to fall directly in the middle as people with powers, but who just aren't strong enough to make a difference. Or that's what they've been told. As the city begins to melt down, it's hard to tell who are the good guys and who are the bad.'

"Lafferty is releasing the novel in two different formats: audio podcast and a PDF released with each episode, including that episode's chapters, an original cover design, and links to hidden easter egg files. She's also allowing a handful of fans to create derivative works within a fan-produced podcast, Stories of the Third Wave, also available in the main Playing For Keeps Experience feed."

Mur was one of my Viable Paradise students a couple years ago, and I workshopped Playing for Keeps with her. I was really impressed with it and I'm so excited to see that she's releasing it! Can't wait to (re)read it.


(Thanks, Cmdln!)

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