John Scalzi's snarky science fiction tour of the Creation Museum

John Scalzi sez: "Earlier in the year, I noted when the Creation Museum opened that it was near me, and how I had no desire to go to it, EVER. Naturally, my readers took this as a challenge, and dared me to go; I dared them back that I would go if and only if they donated money to me, which I would then contribute to Americans United for Separation of Church and State. The challenge was to get $250 in a week; I ended up collecting $5,100 in that time. After a number of delays I finally went to the Creation Museum this last weekend and thus have filed a report, consisting of a long photoset (101 pictures, with snarky commentary) and a mid-length still-snarky but somewhat more serious essay/review. I expect it's everything you'd expect a report from an agnostic, snarky science fiction writer — and more!"

And this is, in sum, the Creation Museum. $27 million has purchased the very best monument to an enormous load of horseshit that you could possibly ever hope to see. I enjoyed my visit, admired the craft with which the whole thing was put together, and was never once convinced that what I was seeing celebrated was anything more or less than horseshit. Popular horseshit? Undoubtedly. Horseshit hallowed by tradition and consecrated by time? Just so. Horseshit of the finest possible quality? I would not argue the point. And yet, even so: Horseshit. Complete horseshit. Utter horseshit. Total horseshit. Horseshit, horseshit, horseshit, horseshit. I pity the people who swallow it whole.


(Thanks, John!)