Dangers of WoW: 1960's anti-booze comic remixed

Here's an anonymously remixed 1960s "Dangers of ALcoholism" comic strip redone as a hilarious, profane, NSFW "Dangers of Warcraft" strip about the problems that really serious gamers face.


(via Wonderland)

Ethan sez, "The alcoholism strips referred to in your
Dangers of World of Warcraft post come from here - with the majority of the
art from the 'Jane's Husband Drinks Too Much'

But more importantly, this WOW parody of the strips
has literally gone around the world and has never been
properly cited to its creator, username /enigmahfc'
from the Something Awful forums. It's part of a larger
group of parodies of the AA series, all quite funny,
found here.