Lessig's last Free Culture talk, Stanford, Jan 31

Larry Lessig, founder of Creative Commons and one of the most important figures in the copyright reform movement, will give his final address on the subject on Jan 31.

Last June, Larry announced that he was switching tacks. The problems of copyright, he said, were a subset of the larger problem of corruption: capture of the regulatory process by special interests to the detriment of society as a whole. So Larry was going to fight corruption instead.

Larry's final talk on the subject is sure to be a barn-burner:

Creative Commons founder and Stanford professor Lawrence Lessig is giving his final presentation on Free Culture, Copyright and the future of ideas at Stanford's Memorial Auditorium on January 31st, 2008 from 1pm-2pm. After 10 years of enlightening and inspiring audiences around the world with multi-media presentations that inspired the Free Culture movement, Professor Lessig is moving on from the copyright debate and setting his sites on corruption in Washington.