Trademarked "Tiffany Blue" liberated by artist in new paint shade: Tiff

British artist Stuart Semple has set "Tiffany Blue" free. You may remember he's the guy behind the blackest-black ink, the blackest-known substance, the pinkest pink, and the related battle with color hoarder Anish Kapoor. Semple's latest offering is Tiff, a "super flat matte high grade shade" acrylic paint that mimics Tiffany's trademarked robin's-egg blue." He released it this past Saturday and it's already sold out! Want it? Get on his mailing list for the future restock.

Tiffany Blue! It's ILLEGAL for you to paint with it, it's trademarked in every category. That's why we had to set it free!

images via Stuart Semple/FB