Fake chain stores run rampant in Iran

Intellectual property rights seem to be a bit more lax in Iran resulting in a proliferation of imitation brands that boldly mimic established ones without permission. In this video by YouTuber Uptin, see a few examples of these fake chain stores and fast food joints. From barely disguised (if at all) logos to shamelessly replicated store layouts, the video captures the audacity of these counterfeit businesses. Perhaps my favorite is the fake Burger King that is both a King Burger and Keng Burger simultaneously–"sogood"!

Uptin explains what's going on:

Companies can't really do anything about it. This is because of sanctions western companies are not allowed to operate in Iran…there is no sense of trademark or copyright here. I don't even think a lawyer for some of these companies would know where to send the letter to.


These are all great but nothing in my mind will top the Mexican Buc-ee's in the way of fake stores.

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