Wikifying video production

Yochai Benkler writes in with word of a collaboration between Wikipedia and Kaltura to make open, peer-production video: "Kaltura in general is an interesting effort to create an open platform for
peer production of video and rich media. Very different, and from the
perspective of collaboration more interesting, than the aggregated
distribution platform of materials created by solo creators or off-site
collaborations, which YouTube represents, or the emphasis of some other of
the newer video sites on how to achieve monetization. Offers a collaboration
platform for video editing instead, with creative commons licensing (BY-SA)
of contributed elements and outputs built in. Software itself is already, or
on its way to being, free (still depends on Flash, but working to get GNASH
to the point where it'll be good enough to replace it)."

Link to Wikimedia announcement,

Link to Kaltura

(Thanks, Yochai!)