Proposal to extend Euro copyright, and to force ISPs to spy on customers dies! EPIC FAIL!

Yesterday, I blogged about the upcoming vote in the EU's CULT committee on a proposal to extend copyright for sound recordings for another 45 years, and to force ISPs to block sites that "infringe copyright," to spy on their customers to block suspicious traffic.

Today I have good news — thanks to your phone calls and emails to the right MEPs, the proposal was defeated! The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Danny O'Brien sez,

Just got word from the European Parliament all three of the filtering/copyright extension amendments were defeated or withdrawn in the committee vote. We're still waiting on the official record, but if that's true, it's an amazing victory — one was originally proposed by the original author of the report, Guy Bono himself, one was voted in by the powerful industry committee, and one was drafted by an EPP-ED member, the largest bloc in the parliament.

We're sure copyright extension, ISP snooping, and any number of foolish policies will pop up again in the EU process or national governments: but together we'll kick them out every time.