Amazon MP3 store to go global

Amazon's just announced that its DRM-free MP3 store will go global this year, selling tracks outside of the US. This is majorly good news — as was the creation and expansion of the store. I still hate the terms of service (I'd be much happier with a ToS that said, "Do not violate copyright law," as opposed to one that said, "We've made up a bunch of additional copyright laws, like the one that says you're not allowed to loan this or give it away, and you have to obey those too"), but there are some major chinks in the record industry armor appearing here as the industry execs get scared into rationality by the twin spectres of P2P and a single-vendor-dominated music market. (NASDAQ:AMZN) today announced that in 2008 the company will begin an international rollout of Amazon MP3, Amazon's DRM-free MP3 digital music store where every song is playable on virtually any digital music-capable device, including the PC, Mac(R), iPod(R), Zune(R), Zen(R), iPhone(TM), RAZR(TM), and BlackBerry(R). Amazon MP3 is the only retailer to offer customers DRM-free MP3s from all four major music labels as well as over 33,000 independent labels.