Uniformed volunteers patrol Tokyo streets to intimidate people hanging out

The Shibuya Center-Gai Patrol is a volunteer group of people who patrol the streets of Tokyo wearing police-like uniforms and yelling and blowing whistles at loiterers, smokers, and other people who don't behave like salarymen or shoppers. They bring German Shepherds (also in uniform) on their patrols with them.

Japan Probe has a number of videos and commentary.

Picture 17-7
Video Clip 1 Summary

* The patrolman yells at some young people sitting along the side of the street, telling them to stand up because they are being a nuisance.

* Another patrolman goes after a couple young men who are leaning on a guard rail, telling them what they are doing is dangerous and inappropriate. When the men insist they are doing nothing wrong, the patrolman shouts at them until they leave.

* The patrolmen force other young people who are sitting or crouching in areas of the street to stand up, yelling at them and using whistles.