BBC drops DRM from iPlayer video on demand service

The BBC appears to have inadvertently (?) removed the controversial DRM from its iPlayer video-on-demand service. Now, all BBC programmes are broadcast across the country in digital form without DRM, literally diffused at the speed of light in all directions without any restrictions, but the Beeb somehow believes that there's a new risk of piracy created by letting those same digital files out on the net.

Glyn sez, "The BBC have just launched a version of their iPlayer that works with the iPhone (and iPod Touch). Instead of streaming Flash, it streams an MP4… but they don't let non-iPhone users know it's an option. To gain access to it you need to set your browser up to claim to be a iPhone. The User Agent Switcher plugin on Firefox will let you do just that. Now you can download files on Linux from the iPlayer website."


(Thanks, Glyn!)