Copyfighters beat down Tennessee bill

Copyfighters in Tennessee have scored a massive win, defanging a crappy, RIAA-written state bill:

SB3974 is a Bill written by the RIAA, and sponsored by Knoxville Sen. Tim Burchett, that forces any institution of "higher learning" to monitor all public university students and (according to the RIAA) expel any who access copyrighted content…

Earlier today, SB3974 (the "copyright" Bill) was passed unanimously. Remarkably, the Bill was amended to reflect the concerns of all those who had called, mailed, and gathered in protest. As a result, the Bill will no longer:

(1) Prohibit the non-infringing use of copyrighted material

(2) Restrict an educational institution's use of copyrighted material under the provisions of 17 U.S.C. § 107


(Thanks, Chris!)

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