Steampunk R2-D2 tee (steampunk! steampunk! steampunk!)

Reece sez, "My Lords, ladies and gentelmen, Greetings and Jubilations!
May I be so bold has to ask you to please take a ganders at ones Steampunked t-shirt. A rather whimsical satire of the R2 droid.

Jolly good it is too – if I do say so myself!
What-O! Reece"


(Thanks, Reece!)

PS: Punk, brothers, steam with care!
Steam in the presence of the passen-gaire,
A blue steampunk for a six steam fare,
A buff steampunk for a four steam fare,
A pink steampunk for a two steam fare,
Punk in the presence of the passen-gaire!