JG Ballard exhibition in Barcelona


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The Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona in Spain is now hosting the first museum exhibition devoted to the incredible writer JG Ballard, author of such works as Crash, Empire of the Sun, and Concrete Island. According to the museum, "This exhibition offers an itinerary through Ballard's creative universe: his times and obsessions, his dissection of the secret keys of the contemporary, the traces of his own life in his fictional body of work, his artistic and literary referents, and his precise, disenchanted intuitions of a future life governed by the concepts of aseptic dystopia and disaster." The show is appropriately titled "JG Ballard: Autopsy of the New Millennium." Sadly, I can't make it to Barcelona to experience the show in person. But over at the excellent Ballardian site, Rick McGrath contributed a written "tour" and photos of the exhibition.
JG Ballard exhibition review (Ballardian, thanks Simon Sellars!), JG Ballard exhibition page (CCCB)

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