Today on Boing Boing Gadgets


Today on Boing Boing Gadgets we discovered Toastabags, designed to make grilled cheese in the toaster; a handy online calculator to help you determine your roof's solar energy harvesting potential; a clip-together lamp that looks like a T-Rex; a strappy underwater case for your iPhone or other MP3 players; Yet Another Netbook, the ECS G10IL; an iPhone/Touch dock that flips on its side for movie watching; a Corona typewriter bent into a waffle iron; and Lenovo's garguantuan W700 laptop that includes not only a quad-core processor but a built-in Wacom tablet. It gives me the vapors.

Then, bastards: states wanting to tax digital downloads; donating to the EFF as an AT&T sin tax; Apple's refusal to refund App Store purchases/a> that they kill.

The Olympics were pirated heavily. Two industrial robots were locked in a pantomimed melee. Bell Canada got a new logo. (It's nice.) Someone hides a flat-panel TV behind a two-way mirror. (Also nice!) Lifehacker's Adam Pash explains how easy it is to set up a multiroom music system using Apple gear. Someone invented a device that blocks the C-word. (Well, not really.) A forest-clearing stimpank tank carved spokes in the Tunguska impact. Deals were sorted.

And most of all, Stephan Hawking was memorialized on black velvet.