Gaiman's Graveyard Book video tour finishes, book hits #1 on NYTimes YA bestseller list

Last week, I wrote about Neil Gaiman's video book-tour for his new young adult novel, The Graveyard Book. Gaiman read a different chapter at each day's tour-stop, and videos of the readings were posted, in sequence, to a website, so that you could follow along and hear Gaiman (a virtuoso reader) perform the full text of this wonderful book.

Seems like it worked. The Graveyard Book is now number one on the New York Times's Young Adult bestseller list. And deservedly so: Gaiman's combination of The Jungle Book's elegant and sweet structure and style with a genuinely creepy setting and situation (Bod is abandoned in the graveyard as a baby after his parents are murdered by a serial killer; he is raised by the graveyard's ghosts, who go back to pre-Roman times, and who give him an eclectic education and rescue him when he goes astray) is utterly inspired, and beautifully executed.

This is a book that is especially fabulous when read aloud — a perfect bedtime book for your little monsters.

Neil Gaiman's Graveyard Book — video tour, The Graveyard Book on Amazon