Photobooth book from Musée Mécanique

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One of my favorite spots in San Francisco is the Musée Mécanique, a magnificent penny arcade filled with dozens of old timey arcade machines, mechanical music instruments, bizarre automatons, and, of course, a photobooth. It's a truly wonderful place to visit. Proprietor Dan Zelinsky is a terrific guy who restores and maintains the machines himself. The Musée's David Gallagher just emailed to update me that one of Dan's pet project, a book titled Lost And Found At The Musée Mécanique, is now complete:

Over the last 30 years Dan has been collecting and saving photobooth strips left around the Musee in hopes that the owner would try to retrieve them… of course the large majority of them (ok, all of them) never get picked up.

So in addition to the large collection of machines in the Musee, he’s a got a huge collection of orphaned photobooth strips, the best of which he’s collected into a book called “Lost and Found at the Musée Mécanique”. the book is pretty cool, the pages are the size of strips themselves and the whole thing is bound at one corner so it can be fanned out like a pinwheel.

Musée Mécanique's Lost And Found book