Net-based pressure forces UK government to cancel plans to make MPs' expenses secret

Glyn sez, "The vote on concealing British MPs' expenses has been cancelled by the government! [This was a proposed law that would have made MPs' expenses a secret, not available through Freedom of Information requests] Over 7000 people joined a Facebook group, they sent thousands of emails to over 90% of all MPs. Hundreds of thousands of people found out about the story by emails, blogs, by visiting TheyWorkForYou to find something they wanted to know, reading an email alert, or simply discovered what was going on whilst checking their Facebook or Twitter pages. Almost all of this happened, from nowhere, within 48 hours, putting enough pressure on Parliament to force change. mySociety also ask if you want even more transparency in parliament that you join the Free Our Bills campaign."

Blimey. It looks like the Internets won

(Thanks, Glyn!)