BB Video: How you can get involved in the torture cases documented in "OUTLAWED."

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Last week on Boing Boing Video, we presented two episodes which were excerpts from a documentary film called OUTLAWED, about people who have survived extraordinary rendition and torture in America's War on Terror. The film was produced by, the human rights/video organization founded by Peter Gabriel, and created in partnership with more than a dozen other human rights groups including the ACLU. In case you missed the excerpts we ran, here they are again, embedded above and below. Direct download link for part 1, Direct download link for part 2.

A number of Boing Boing commenters asked how interested people could help or take action on the cases presented in these video episodes. Bryan Nunez from Witness says, "Here are a couple places where people can take action:, and here is Amnesty International's page related to these issues. Hope this helps."

Read the original blog posts for each of these Boing Boing Video episodes, for more background:

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* Boing Boing Video: "OUTLAWED" excerpts, pt. 2 — Khaled El-Masri.