David After Dentist (aka Kid on Drugs), the remixes

Roger writes,

After seeing your post on Boing Boing of the Kid on Drugs video yesterday, I was instantly convinced that this kid was destined for greatness. And just how could he achieve greatness? Why, with the aid of METAL! Here's my tribute to the "David After Dentist" video which shows that he's really preparing to take the world of metal music by storm.

A Metal Tribute to "Kid on Drugs".

And below, Josh Ayala and @wifone went the early 90s candyraver ecstasy-fueled route, with David After The Dentist (BadEmpire mix).

The audio-only version (this mix created by @wifone) is growing on me. David After The Dentist (BadEmpire mix): Stream, or Download.

Update: Oh, this one's good, too.

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