BB Video: Soviet Unterzoegersdorf, pt. 2 of 6 / Cheetos Boredom Busters. (This is an ad)

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First things first: The Boing Boing Video episode above is a paid ad for Cheetos. This is the second in a six-part series of security bulletins from the long-lost Communist enclave of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf.

Background on the series is here. This sponsorship allows us to run all of the other BBV episodes we're producing this month ad-free, without commercial interruption.

Neither Cheetos nor Federated Media (the agency that sells our video sponsorships) has seen what we're doing before we air it, and gave us pretty much zero editorial restrictions. With effectively no creative oversight from responsible adults, we went for the most irreverent and ridiculous option we had. That meant monochrom.

IN THIS EPISODE: A suspicious package has arrived in Soviet Unterzoegersdorf via parachute. Matter of national security. S.U.Z.A.K., the Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Academy of Sciences, investigates. The box contains a substance that resembles packing material, but emits a cheesily pleasing odor. Snack, or biological weapon? ENJOYING THE CAPITALIST VIDEO PLEASE, COMRADES.

(Snapshot, inset: This was an iphone pic I took of the two boxes full of Cheetos I shipped to Soviet Unterzoegersdorf earlier this month. FedEx charged me $140 to overnight $10 worth of cheesy snack foods. They were held up in customs for days, because authorities thought we were smuggling drugs. Seriously. We loosely based the ad content around the actual process of getting Cheetos to the monochrom guys.)

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