Mule-driver TSA ID card contest is off and running

Barak-Tsa Mule Badge

UPDATE: The contest ends on Friday, February 27 at 12pm Pacific, so hurry and get your entries in. The ones I've gotten so far are stupendous!

In response to Cory's post about the TSA's requirement for mule handlers to carry biometric identification (lest some sneaky terrist use a 2-mile-per-hour mule-driven barge to asplode the eastern seaboard), we are holding a contest to find out which of our readers can design the best Mule-driver TSA ID card.

The winner, judged by me, gets a Boing Boing T-shirt.

Dave kicks off the contest with this fine entry, shown above. Note how Mr. Ed is trying to pass himself off as a mule. That sneaky terrist horse! They won't be putting peanut butter under your lip in Horsey Gitmo, you can bet your bridle on that.

Email me your entries.